Artificial casings, ham-nets

Faser type, cellulose casings:

  • Smokeable, cookable
  • For different salamies, Turista, head cheese
  • Before filling it must be soak in handwarm water about half an hour. Fill to hard, how the casing can follow the meat in the course of drying. Avoid the draughty places, because the casing can get wrinkled easily!

Artifical casings from collagen:

  • Smokeable, and cookable to max. 62°C
  • For different salamies, head cheese
  • Before filling it must be soak in cold salty water for short time!

Spektar type artifical casings:

  • Non smokeable, non smokeable
  • For Parisian meat, liverwurst etc.

Ham nets:

  • There is available in different size, different colur (white, red) regarding the customer’s need.

Textile casings

There are many different coloured and shaped (stomach, Easter egg, Easter bunny, straight tricolored etc.) artificial casings are in the market.

It can be an individual package of a good present.

Dried tube hogcasings:

For different salamies after very short soaking.



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