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Natural casings

Because naturally is the best!

Forsts® of MORA meat-processing knives

If you, don’t have time for honing!


 We give you the taste of tastes!

Artificial casings, ham-nets

The freedom of shapes and colours

About us


The HOLUNDARM Ltd. was founded in 1991 as a Dutch and Hungarian joint venture. From here comes the the name: HOLLAND UNGARISHE DARM (Dutch-Hungarian-casing). In these times we made wagework (hogcasing selection, measuring) for the parent company, but we opened to the interior meatprocessing plants, and sold our goods.

In 2005 the company became a 100% Hungarian venture. Now the second generation continue the activity.

Our main profile to sell hog-, beef- and sheepcasings for the food industry, for residential consumption, and for shops/supermarkets in packed form. Besides of these, we deal with meat-processing knives, spices, spice-mixes, artificial casings, ham-nets and with other butcher-equipments in Hungary and wordwide.



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